A sworn notary

A sworn notary is a state official appointed by the Minister of Justice. The number of sworn notary staff units is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers. Currently there more than 100 sworn notaries working in Latvia, all of them highly qualified lawyers. Sworn notaries may be persons with the second level professional; education in law and the lawyer’s qualification, the master’s degree in law, as well as professional experience in law. Working as a sworn notary is subject to proof of knowledge and skills in the sworn notary exam and regular qualification tests.

The sworn notary drafts and certifies contracts, wills, powers of attorney and other transactions, settles inheritance and divorce matters, certifies conformity of document copies to originals, correctness of translations, authenticity of signatures of persons, as well as performs other statutory activities. Before certification of the transaction the sworn notary shall ascertain the intent and terms and conditions of the transaction, provide explanations, as well as acquaint the participants with the possible legal consequences of the transaction.

The sworn notary shall ensure protection of legal interests of persons, be impartial and fair towards each client and maintain confidentiality.